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the election and style of pope francis, franciscan monks may be the most pleased of all. they see the new pope extolling the same priorities as their founder did, seeing god in all creation, ministering to the poor and being open to dialogue with people of other religions. we spoke last weekend with father larry dunham at washington's franciscan monastery of the holy land in america. >> this is our first sunday to gather as a catholic community to pray for our new pope, pope francis. the name he chose after st. francis of assisi certainly gladdens the hearts of all franciscans. one reason why everyone takes francis to their heart is because he is not perceived specifically as a catholic saint, he's not perceived as specifically belonging to christian people but he seems to be someone that appeals to all men and women regardless of their religious background or lack thereof. francis considers himself to be a brother to everyone. he found god's life not only in every man or women but in all creation so every living thing. and so he could preach to the birds and he could preach to the forest. he
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1